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Tips for Food

Animals will eat simple meals for food but it really isn’t efficient and they’d have to be vegetable/fruit only simple meals for grazing animals to want to eat them.

Its more efficient to grow “Hay” or use the function “Add Bill” and “Create Kibble” at the butcher station.

They will eat just about any vegetable that is within their pen. Raw vegatables, Hay, fruit, fruit or vegatable simple meals, or kibble.

If you want your pawns to deliver specific food to that stockpile first, then you need to go into the stockpile settings and upgrade its priority level to preferred. I wouldn’t do it except for Rice, Corn, Hay, and Kibble though. The rest tends to rot fairly quickly.

Kibble at the butcher’s table uses the cooking skill and your cook will only start doing the Kibble bill if all other cooking bills at the stove are done.

You can priotize a pawn to operate the butcher’s table. Note that he will do the top bill first. If he can’t do the bill, a tool tip will tell you the reason (not enough skill, not assigned to cooking, not enough ingredients etc.), so this is a way to find out what the problem is.

Open the details of the Kibble bill, there is an option where you can choos where the kibble will be delivered to. Create a small stockpile zone inside the pen an then tell the bill that the kibble should be delivered to the pen. You can rename stockpile zones btw.

If everything fails or if food has to be delivered in an emergency NOW, you can always order a pawn to pick up food from a shelf, draft him, move him into the pen, drop the food, move him away and un draft him. You may have to disallow the food when it is on the floor so pawns don’t try to haul it back.

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