RimWorld – How to Farm Meat/Food and Produce Power Fully Underground

Want advice on how to farm meat/food and produce power fully underground, with minimal mods? Read below few useful tips.

Tips to Farm Meat/Food and Produce Power Fully Underground

If you have ideology and go with the undergrounder meme it’s pretty trivial these days. Grow lots of nutrifungus and convert the excess into chemfuel to power your base with chemfuel generators. If you don’t have that or don’t want to use that meme, then there’s an extra step of getting hydroponics and sunlamps then growing rice instead, but still convert the excess into chemfuel and power your base with it. The sunlamp/hydroponic rice setup into chemfuel is very net positive power, so you can feed your colony and power your base that way, with spare power for some cotton/healroot/drug hydroponics.

Meat/animals aren’t necessary, you can make fine/lavish vegetarian meals with nutrifungus or rice. Butchering raiders is a strong option though, allowing you to grow less crops, you can eat the meat or use it for chemfuel. Keeping animals is possible, but grazing is generally out of the question. You will probably have to grow food for them in another room then store it on a shelf in the animal room. Boomalopes are useful, saving some effort in chemfuel conversion and being more efficient overall, but not necessary.

You will end up with a lot of insect meat from infestations, to again eat or turn into chemfuel. So basically food and power aren’t going to be an issue at all. The main “difficulty” is digging out your base to begin with, and making sure you design it in a way that makes infestations easy to clear.

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