RimWorld – Beginners Tips

Things You Should to Know Before Getting Started

  • In the early game, put wooden traps around your door.
  • Reload the game if something unfair happens. Theres no point in having to spend an hour fixing your losses otherwise you’ll get fed up and rage quit.
  • Play at a lower difficulty, don’t build Disneyland overnight without the guns, traps, turrets, drugs, war pets, and people to defend it, and use alternate saves so you can reload as needed (unless you really like commitment mode or think it’s against your principles to savescum).
  • Worst comes to worst, if you have the chance grab some stuff and run away. There’s thousands of tiles on the world map for you to resettle, no need to die for the one you started in. Or you could dev mode your problems away; nobody’s going to judge unless you advertise it yourself and ask for it.
  • There are mods that lower the number of raids you face. Some even consider it to be required for mid to late game because with the biomech pack the mech raids are sooo frequent its insane. I had 3 mechanoid raids in 3 days in my current play through. I actual just installed one of the lower raid frenency mods because I found most my time was just fighting large mechanoid raids.
  • If the mechnoids become a problem for you in general there are mods that remove them from those that raid you because often they become the only ones to raid you as you get toward late game. They are still in events and all the other locations. Just go to the workshop and mod the game to your liking but lower raid frequency will be a great place to start.
  • Early game you can just wall off your base with single tile walls and have 1 way in with a winding path with traps (most enemies count doors as walls, so you can have a door here and there for your pawns). You will need to make strategic doors so your pawns can repair the traps without setting others off, but this is a pretty easy way to keep safe(ish) early on.
  • Don’t be afraid to use crutches early on while you learn how combat and raids work. You can lower the difficulty mid-game or set up a custom difficulty the way you’d like, to reduce raid sizes early on. You can also look in the mod workshop for things that’ll tilt combat in your favor – I’d suggest one of the mods that adds Embrasures. Makes combat a lot easier. Just remember that they’re crutches and at some point you’ll want to try without them.
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