Titan Quest Anniversary Edition – Beginners Tips

Here you can find few tips that might help you to understand the game.

Tips for New Players

  • 1st thing game play here is the old school grinding concept. You do it all, than you do it all again on a harder difficulty.
  • It’s not a questing game like modern one’s are, there are quests and they provide the storyline but you can’t play it just by doing the quests.
  • You need to think of each map as a lawn and you need to mow the entire thing. Just start and go back and forth covering the entire map, killing EVERYTHING you find.
  • The game is set up so when you’ve finished doing that on a map you’re at the right level to start the next map.
  • Saving is NOT what you’re used to. When you’re in the middle of a map and hit SAVE, all that does is lock in your inventory and current XP. NOT YOUR POSITION,
  • To save your game progress (where you are on the map) you need to save at the Resurrection Shires.
  • Monsters are designed to respawn behind you after your save / log off and log back in so you’ll never ‘clear the map’ like you would in a modern game instance. That’s done so you can grind for items if you want to.
  • The Anniversary Edition added random bosses that are of a higher level than the map you’re on. If you encounter one it’s totally OPTIONAL. Shadowmaw will probably be the first one you encounter in a cave fairly early in the game. See if you can beat it if you want to or just skip it, note it’s location and come back when you’re at a higher level.
  • The fun comes from enjoying the different world myths (since Greek doesn’t cover it all) and listening to the tales the NPC’s have.
  • Game play wise it’s a repeatish slog through the maps and it’s easy to get burned out. I generally play from rez shire to rez shire in 1 sitting and then take a break and come back later.
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