Baldur’s Gate 3 – Tips to Play As Monk

Monk Tips

Monk is very good in BG from my experience, gets even better if you plan to multiclass with another martial class like rogue/fighter/barbarian, ranger or cleric arent a bad options either if you want to get spellcasting.

Note worthy things for monk:

Monk weapons are any weapon you are proficient in as long as they arent heavy or two-handed, so if you want to use a warhammer or mace using your dexterity you can go right ahead.

If you plan on multiclassing into rogue, it’s better to take it as your first level since it gives more skill proficiencies and even though your attack uses dexterity you still need a finesse weapon for sneak attacks.

Rogue gets even more synergy by providing monk ways to dash and disengage without using ki, letting you flurry of blows more often.

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