RimWorld – How to Link Shelves

Linking Shelves

Let’s say I have 3 shelves:

  • A
  • B
  • C

I link A and B together by multi selecting them both and clicking link. Now whether I click on A or B and change the settings for that shelf, it will apply to both as both are linked together. It will treat them as if they are one shelf when regarding the settings.

Now if I want to link C to the other two, I first click on either A or B (it doesn’t matter which one of these you click first) and then hold shift to select C, so it multi selects with C being the last selected. (it just matters that you click the shelf whose settings you want to copy first and secondly the one you want to copy too). Now you simply click the link shelves button again and now A B and C are linked together in a group. Whenever you change the settings in a linked group, it will treat that is if you changed settings in all linked shelves.

If for example you clicked C first and then click B or A. Then you will copy the settings from C to the other shelf.

So easy to remember rules:

  1. Click the shelf you want to copy settings from first
  2. Multi click and select any number of shelves you want to copy the settings too after that.
  3. Whenever you change settings in one linked shelf, they will apply to all shelves linked to it.
  4. If you want to take a shelf or multiple shelves out of a linked group. Click it or them using multi select and unlink.

Pro Tip

  • When placing a fresh store room, multi select all your planned and finished shelves that you want to organize, link them together, then disable all the fixed storage options so no random clutter is brought in to fill the shelves once they are completed. As the settings will apply to all shelves.

Then select individual groups you want to specialize into different storage facilities. Such as shelves for apparel, shelves for weapons, etc. Select the shelves you want to specialize, then click unlink (so they are unlinked from all the other shelves) and then click link again (so they are linked together to just the ones you have selected).

This is a quick way to separate and organize a large store room into different sections.

The new shelves and link mechanic is actually amazing once you get the hang of it. It’s truly an awesome storage tool.

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