Terraria – How to Beat Destroyer

Tips to Defeat Destroyer

First, don’t do the destroyer first. Of the 3 mechanical bosses, it has the most total hp, and can overwhelm you the easiest due to the massive amount of probes that come off its body. Kill one of the other mechanical bosses first. This will start life fruit growing in the jungle, and you can boost your health up before doing the mechanical boss with the most health. Even if you do the Destroyer first thou, the next two tips should be of the utmost help.

Second, better armor, try to have adamantite or titanium. If you kill the other mechanical bosses enough times, you can even make hallowed armor prior to Destroyer. At the very least, complete a set of armor to get the bonus. Using Paladium armor with Orichalcumm helm is frankly gimping yourself. Your not getting the rapid hp regen from complete Paladium, nor the petals to do extra damage from complete Orichalcum. At the very least complete one of those sets, but I would suggest completing a full set of Titanium or Adamantite.

Third, don’t forget buff potions, especially ones gained from fishing. Prismite from hollow spots to make life force potions (20% more max hp), and armored cavefish from any underground location to make endurance potions (10% less damage taken). if in a corrupt world, fish for Ebonkoi to make Wrath potions (10% more damage), and if in crimson fish crimson waters for the fish to make Life Reach potions (thou you likely find plenty of those in chests). Fish lava for Flarefin Koi to make Inferno potions. Use all of these along with ironskin, regeneration and some food buffs, and you should be able to survive the Destroyer.

While the breaker blade should be good enough as far as swords go when it comes to the destroyer, I would suggest a melee weapon with some range for dealing with Skeleton Prime or the Twins using the mine cart tactic (mine cart tactic only for twins just to be clear).

Chain guilotines from a corrupt mimic are particularly good, and would even be quite effective against the Destroyer. If your absolutely set on swords, Destroyer is quite killable, but you need to up that survivalbility in order to stay in range to sword him to death, mostly to survive the onslaught of probe lasers.

If you follow the 3 previous tips, you will have more defense (better armor), more offensive potential (wrath and/or inferno) and 600 hp (500 max after life fruit+20% from life force) while facing the Destroyer. If you only follow the 2nd and 3rd, you will still have more defense (better armor), 480hp (20% from life force), and more offensive potential (wrath and/or inferno).

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