BattleBit Remastered – Sniping Tips

How to Get Good at Sniping

Binoculars + mid range scopes. 6x and higher long range scopes will show massive glint to enemies so they can see you easily as a white shining dot.

Also don’t hide in grass as grass is not being rendered at all past some 300-ish meters, find good cover instead (rock, tree, build your own with squad points).

On smaller maps make sure to always be on the move. Use suppressor. Place antipersonnel mines around to have your back at least somewhat covered, don’t place them in your near proximity or on clearly visible spots.

Don’t forget to equip a rangefinder to your weapon. Hold down ALT and scroll with the mouse wheel to zero in on the scope.

Due to the bipod changes, weapon sway is virtually mitigated when used, so try to work in getting that. Until then, you can use a button to “hold breath” to stabilize your sway.

You can “zero” your sights to a range, including snipers, to make your shot be compensated by extreme ranges, a sniper can zero in to over 1k meters. A range finder can help you zero your sights along with a canted/top sight so you’re not giving yourself away if you happen to be using a high-power scope. You wanna be within 30m +/- margin to be on point without needing to compensate.

A pair of binoculars is really good to spot and quickly sight in without revealing your position(?) I dont know if it glints. The special equipment that fake glints has a distinct pattern that good snipers will know if it’s fake but if positioned far apart can bait shots from opposing forces. Its a mind game equipment so think about that.

Patience and do not expect a lot of kills, put on some background noise to pass the time. If there are too many snipers around, its better to play close to the frontline with a medium range scope.

If you are in a map with ton of buildings, bring a pick-axe, break a few bricks to open up a view and start sniping away. But be weary, the enemy will find out about your secret hiding spot if they’re smart.

Don’t worry about hitting people while they’re running, just wait for them to stand still and shoot them in the head.

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