Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Get Heavy Armor Proficiency

Heavy Armor Tips

Important thing to note is that multiclassing INTO a Heavy armor class doesn’t give you Heavy armor by default. So taking a level of Fighter as your 2nd level won’t get you Heavy Armor. Your options are:

  1. Spend a Feat. Worst option, don’t do this.
  2. Start as a Heavy armor class. Better, though there can be downsides depending on what your classes are.
  3. Multiclass into a class that gets Heavy Armor as a SUBCLASS feature or an extra ability. Two examples are Ranger (picking the Ranger Knight option) and Cleric (picking a Domain that gives Heavy Armor).

For example, a Bard might consider grabbing a level of Cleric to get Heavy armor. Taking the Life domain wold also buff your healing if you want to lean into that aspect of the class, and the spell slots will stack.

Alternatively, a popular Bard build is to start as a Paladin for, say, 2 levels, then go Bard. In addition to the Heavy Armor, that also gets you Smite, some spell slots, full Martial weapons.

But at the same time, be wary of what you give up. Every level of a different class is one less level in your primary class, and this can especially be an issue with caster classes who might not get their high level spells if they multiclass too much.

Finally, roleplaying aside, Heavy Armor isn’t that great. It’ll get you 1 AC more than the equivalent Medium armor with corresponding DEX, and depending on how much we can pump our stats lategame, it might even get outperformed by Light armor (which has no cap on the DEX bonus). DEX also has more skills tied to it, determines Initiative (pretty important), DEX saves are quite common, and is overall a more useful stat. STR gives you more carry weight (lol) and lets you focus on weapons with better base damage, but that’s about it.

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  1. Heavy armour isnt necessarily good.. first of for the most part if you just have a +2 dex modifier medium armour can give the same AC (heavy armour does NOT add any dex modifiers while medium adds up to +2 with more if you take a specific feat) on top of that ALL standard heavy armours have disadvantage on stealth rolls so you really should first figure out WHY you want heavy armour and if you really need it .. even light armour can get as high as AC17 if you have 20 dex

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