Palworld – Some Useful Tricks

Little Known Tricks / Facts I Found

I’ve played about 30 hours so far in 2 worlds and there’s a couple things I’ve noticed:

  1. A lvl 1 skill miner cannot mine ore but a lvl 2 can. This was frustrating at first when I made my 2nd base next to a bunch of ore and 8 of my pals weren’t mining but the lvl 2s were.
  2. The trophies to lvl up your catch rate are A LOT easier to see at night. Instead of sleeping, I’ll take my Nitewing and fast travel to a fairly new place and spend all the game night looting trophies and eggs. They are the only thing that stays lit.
  3. Make sure you look at your radar when exploring. Often times you are too enthralled with playing that you forget to get the save on the fast travel pillar and die then have to make the long journey to your loot. They show up starting at 300M and are shown in grey on the map. Get to this first and then start fighting and catching around it.
  4. Many guides say to use the deer for your mount on land as the antler uppercut gives you huge speed. While this is true, your pal has a chance to lose this ability while lvling up and replacing old attacks with new ones. Always try to have a few in your pal box ready to swap out or use the direwolf with passive speed boosts.
  5. Have an equipped pal for each scenario. A glider mount, a land mount, a flyer mount, a player passive and then your damage dealer. Versatility in exploration is best since you never know when you need them.

Hope you liked this list! 

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  1. Regarding #4, you can swap out their abilities if you “lose” one that you liked. Just click on the pal in your party menu and click the ability

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