The Last Flame – How to Beat Passive Frenzy Challenge

Useful Tips for Beating Passive Frenzy Challenge

I did it going all-in on shielding. Rose (as always) as the main support, grab the Origin that converts overheal into Shield, then grab every hero that synergises really well with Shielding and fish for items that convert shielding into damage.

You can also grab Elios as the secondary tank for that nice defense buff. I usually default to Nalua as my primary carry she she fits into everything, but she’ll really only be there to carry you early and middway while you get your comp ready.

Azar can really crank out a lot of damage in this comp so you can go double carry + double tank + Rose. Alternatively, you can go single carry & convert Rose into a double threat with good items and play Jalen as a secondary support.

There’s a lot of flexibility with the comp but the must-haves are Giachi (will eventually become your main carry probably if you get the right items; had him doing like 20k dps at the last boss) + Rose, while everything else depends on your luck.

Zogg isn’t bad either but he won’t really scale that well in the comp toward the late game; Blake also can fit into the single carry comps well and you can even make it work with Kris as a secondary support.

Items are far more important than heroes here as without them your damage will fall off a cliff. So: Giachi + Rose + Zogg + Nalua + Elios/Jalen/even Elso isn’t bad because of his default passive. It takes a while to ramp up but it’s a safe bet if you can get the few proper items and heroes.

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