Palworld – 5 Best Starting Base Locations

5 Best Starting Base Locations

My personal favorite is the beach near the Fort Ruins, easily guarded from the castle’s side. You can also build your base inside the castle for natural defense! Plus, there are plenty of iron nodes nearby for your second base! 

  • Coordinates: (201, -379)

Next up, a huge open space to the west of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate. With only one entrance, it’s also easy to defend. Oh, and there are iron nodes near the church to the northwest! 

  • Coordinates: (85, -430)

Another beach-themed location can be found on the Forgotten Island. Beautiful scenery, iron nodes, and two caves in close proximity! 

  • Coordinates: (-522, -12)

If you prefer big bases, check out this place on Ice Wind Island. It’s naturally protected from raids, and there are plenty of iron nodes around! 

  • Coordinates: (-357, 20)

Finally, if you want to set up a base as soon as possible, consider the one right next to your spawn position. It’s easy to defend and has every resource you need to progress through the game! 

  • Coordinates: (222, -486)

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