Palworld – How to Fix Your Multiplayer Co-op Not Loading / Crashing

Steps to Fix Your Multiplayer Co-op Not Loading / Crashing

I’m writing this as just a short helpful guide for those experiencing crashes or loading issues with their Co-Op multiplayer world. This works (90%) of the time for Xbox (Gamepass included) and steam.

Verify and Repair

You hear it all the time, but it is the tried and true method! Sometimes game files become corrupted, so:

Steam: Right click the game (Palworld) > select properties > Installed Files > Verify integrity of game files

Xbox (PC App): Right click the game (Palworld) > Select Manage > Files > Verify and Repair

This will scan for missing or corrupt files and fix them, however it’s hit or miss and sometimes a reinstall is needed.

In-Game Workaround

This is a bizarre fix, but works most the time for all saves unless fully corrupted.

Launch Palworld > Create a new world with multiplayer on > make your character (just use default) > get past the cutscene > exit world > Load your original world make sure multiplayer is on

It should now be working! Unfortunately you will have to do this everytime, but it is a quick fix and lets you continue playing!

Potato Mode

This last fix is rather simple. In your game settings just turn all graphics down to the lowest setting, oddly enough this fixes most loading and crashing issues regardless of your system hardware.

If None of these methods work for you, simple reinstall your game, power cycle your pc, and try again.

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