CLeM – The Sharp-Eared Achievement Guide

How to Get The Sharp-Eared Achievement

The solution to each lock is randomized once per run so a lock configuration won’t change unless you reset (forget) the current game.

Let us help you with that tricky lock achievement:

  • First of all, find a lock that has just one golden spring and 3 normal ones, as this will make the task easier.
  • Once there, be aware that the system will only register the try as a failure if you try to open the lock, so don’t do so until you are sure that all pins are in place.
  • Now, let’s do the picking. Place the pins corresponding to the 3 normal springs on their correct positions by moving the stones in each position. The narrow indentation of the pin must be aligned with the horizontal line of the lock, just like you did when you solved the locks during your first run. Insert and extract the key as many times as you need to ensure the alignment.
  • Finally, push the stone that interacts with the golden spring pin to its max position (to the highest if the spring is on top or the lowest if the spring is on the bottom of the lock). Once you insert the key, the gold spring should start pushing the stone to its neutral position. You should wait until the indentation of its pin aligns with the lock and then press the open button.

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