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All Answers for Automotive Exam

1.What does tire rotation mean?

  • D. Changing the position of tires.

2.What do you do when a clutch disc shows signs of fracture, uneven wear, or loosen rivets?

  • D. Replace it.

3.Can you replace a blown fuse with steel or copper wire?

  • C. Never

4.Which of the following required sufficient protection before you use drills or soldering irons on or near it?

  • B. Ground wire.

5.If a mechanical part has protective housing, what do you do to it before powering it on?

  • A. Inspect it

6.In what order should you tighten screwing when putting an engine’s main bearing cover back?

  • C. From the middle to both ends.

7.Can you clean parts of the steering gearbox with alkaline water?

  • B. No.

8.What does a car battery channel its power to, when the engine overloads?

  • A. Electrical devices

9.How do you keep engine coolants from freezing?

  • D. Add antifreeze.

10.What would you find in a typical disc brake system?

  • C. Brake discs & pads.
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