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All Answers for Chef/Cooking Exam

1.The value of a cooking ingredient mainly depends on its nutrition, taste, and ?

  • B. Safety

2.How do we prevent peeled tuber plant parts from discoloring?

  • A. Keep in water.

3.When gutting a fish, the cut shouldn’t be too deep. Why?

  • B. Avoid the gall bladder.

4.There are three ways to cut raw poultry apart. Cuts can be made in the ribs, the belly, and?

  • D. In the back

5.About how many days could processed ingredients last in freezing state (-18deg C/-0.4deg F to -15deg C/5deg F)?

  • B. 180.

6.What’s the minimum safe temperature to keep fresh eggs?

  • B. -2 deg C/28.4 deg F

7.What’s the primary drawback of thawing with flowing water?

  • D. Loss of Nutrition

8.What kind of beef is considered the most premium?

  • A. Yak.

9.Which kind of flour has the most gluten content?

  • C. All Purpose Flour.

10.Soybeans are widely used in the food industry mainly for its?

  • C. Protein.
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