Nobody – The Turnaround – How to Get 5 Stars in Debt Trap

This short guide explains how do you get 5 stars in Debt Trap.

Tips to Get 5 Stars in Debt Trap

The prerequisite of the 5 star is raising additional ¥3000 for your sister’s tuition fee.

Without spoilers

Initially I don’t wanna give specific schedules to ruin the fun of discovery, but your goal is:

  • Minimize spending, cook for yourself and do laundry at home once you have apartment.
  • When peddling, pay attention to profit margins vs time spent, some places are not worthy.
  • Work your day job everyday, sometimes even twice a day!

With shedules

  1. You should not take the 20000 for you sister’s engagement, just return it.
  2. You must borrow 8 for the engineer in construction yard for brick job. You will need his advice for your sister’s collage, and you will receive additional quest: 3000 for you sister’s collage education.
  3. After 1 and 2, you would have a quest to buy books for your sister cost you 56, easy one.
  4. Earn 13000 for 5-star ending.

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