Staxel – Requirements to Start Any Friendship Quest

Here you can find a list with all the parts that you need to complete.

What You Need to Start Friendship

Have you completed all 8-9 parts of the tutorial? If you haven’t done all the parts then you won’t be able to do any of the friendship quests.

  • Part 1 is Meet Farm Fan and plant seeds.
  • Part 2 is the meet and greet.
  • Part 3 is Building the Barn.
  • Part 4 is getting the pet.
  • Part 5 is Cricket Invasion.
  • Part 6 is building the fishing spot.
  • Part 7 is Cooking.
  • Part 8 is getting the license.

They all come through the mail.

Playing Staxel CE part 9 of the tutorial is Leif’s Postage and Handling quest. In regular Staxel, that is a friendship quest with Leif.

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