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All Answers for Welder Exam

1.Welding machines must be electrically grounded. Why?

  • A. To avoid electrocution.

2.Which of the following material works well with virtually all welding methods?

  • D. Low carbon steel.

3.What does the flux do in submerged arc welding?

  • B. To avoid atmospheric contamination.

4.Gas welding uses oxygen to?

  • D. Facilitate combustion.

5.Which of the following must NOT be present near welding sites.

  • B. Combustibles

6.What does consumable welding electrode mean?

  • A. It melts down.

7.What’s the danger of staring into an arc welding process without eye protection?

  • A. Ophthalmia.

8.Which of the following is not a common compound of solder material?

  • C. Gold.

9.Which welding process is applicable to basically all positions when the materials are right?

  • C. Manual metal arc welding.

10.While working at heights, the angle between the ladder and the ground must NOT be more than?

  • C. 60deg.
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