Genshin Impact – Comprehensive Analysis of the Perpetual Mechanical Array

Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss Guide

Hello, travelers. Among the elite BOSSES, it can be said that the [Perpetual Mechanical Array] is very unique, and its rewards are also very rich. Don’t miss it. In this strategy, I will make a comprehensive analysis of the attack modes and clearance skills for this BOSS, hoping to be helpful to you.

Mechanism Analysis

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] is a physical damage boss, and the attack mode is relatively single, but its advantages are fast attack speed and high damage. The only damage-free mechanism is the disintegration skill, summoning four Ruin Sentinels to fight in an array. It can transform into a Sword, a Cube, a Rocket, and a Spinning Blade to attack in the battle.

Pre-war Preparation

Due to the strong burst power of the [Perpetual Mechanical Array], it is recommended that players who do not have a high level of training and first contact with them prepare defense and HP recovery items in advance. After all, you will face the siege of the Ruin Sentinels in the battle, and it is inevitable for you to take damage. If possible, it is best to arrange the attack food as well, which is a good compensation for the training.

Skills Dismantling and Coping Skills

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] has a total of 7 skills.

Skill 1: Energy Sweep

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] fires a beam of pure energy at the traveler from the core point for 3-10 seconds. It can be easily avoided by moving in one direction or winding around the back of the core point.

Skill 2: Orbital Strike

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] targets the traveler’s current position and charges up for a short time before firing a beam of pure energy at the target point. At the beginning of the targeting, no need to rush to avoid, because it is impossible to avoid in any way during its completion. When the three beams used to lock the position are about to overlap, press dodge to avoid.

Skill 3: Transformation-Sword

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] transforms into a sword and launches a wide range of slashes. This skill has a large point, so you can use dodge to avoid it during the point in advance.

Skill 4: Transformation- Cube

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] transforms into a cube, rolls towards the traveler, jumps up, and smashes into the ground when it catches up to the traveler, dealing ranged damage. Notably, no damage will be dealt during the rolling. Only the final roll will deal damage. Distance yourself from the [Perpetual Mechanical Array] immediately when it uses this skill, and use dodge to avoid damage when touching.

PS: As long as the dodge timing is properly controlled, you will not take damage if you are within the skill range in the end.

Skill 5: Transformation- Blade Spin

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] transforms into a giant spinning blade and performs an arcing attack towards the traveler. This skill also has a large point, you can refer to [Transformation-Sword] for a coping strategy.

Skill 6: Transformation- Rocket Blast

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] transforms into a rocket, launches from the ground into the air, and targets the traveler’s position before slamming down. This skill has a large attack range, but the landing speed of the cannonball is very slow. You can refer to the red circle on the ground to escape the range before the rocket lands.

Skill 7: Disintegration Array

The [Perpetual Mechanical Array] stands the core in the center, transforms into four Ruin Sentinels Array to attack the traveler, and the core is invincible during the skill release. Only one of the four Ruin Sentinels can be attacked, that is the “Array Core”. After defeating it, the array will be successfully “broken”, and it will paralyze the Perpetual Mechanical Array and lower its resistances greatly. You can distinguish the “Array Core” of the Ruin Sentinels by HP. The difficulty here is that facing four enemies at the same time, it is inevitable to be in a hurry and suffer damage. You can replenish your HP in advance or switch to a shielded character to quickly break the “Array Core”.

Partners Recommended

Through the above content, I believe you already have a clear understanding of the BOSS. For its high damage and fast attack speed, it is recommended to match a character with a shield or damage reduction in the lineup to deal with the siege of the four Ruin Sentinels, such as Zhongli (shield) and Beidou (damage reduction) are very good choices. The rest of the output and healing characters can be selected according to their own practice level, without mandatory requirement.


The mechanism of the [Perpetual Mechanical Array] is relatively simple, belonging to the “simple and brutal” type. With a shielded or damage reduction character, you can easily deal with the siege of the four Ruin Sentinels, and you can also clear the level with hard damage.

The above is the comprehensive analysis and clearance skills of the elite BOSS [Perpetual Mechanical Array]. If there are any mistakes, you are welcome to supplement and correct them in the comment area.

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