Genshin Impact – Battle Strategies against Thunder Manifestation

Thunder Manifestation Boss Guide

Location: Fly from the teleport waypoint near Amakumo Peak in Inazuma to the Boss.


Ability 1: Strike Probes

Releases several probes around the arena that pulse intermittently. Characters involved won’t receive DMG but will be marked, which helps it accumulate Rage. It enters Enraged at the full Rage and releases abilities more frequently.

Countermeasure: Keep away from the range of pulse. Arrows can be used to harass it. It won’t cast other abilities unless upon a mark. It enters Enraged when its HP drops to 75%.

Ability 2: Torrential Descent

It calls forth 3 lightening bolts to descend upon the target.

Countermeasure: Stay away from the circle

Ability 3: Homing Thunder Cage

It will lock on the character and summon a thunder cage that pursues the character.

Countermeasure: Keep moving to avoid being caught up with. It may cast other abilities during this period. Be careful.

Ability 4: Walls of Lightning

It summons 2 walls of lightning to the target’s sides, dealing DMG to anyone in contact.

Countermeasure: Run straight to get out of it, or sprint when the walls are about to arrive, which deals no DMG.

Ability 5: Sundering Plumes

Forms five sets of electric feathers, and releases them against the locked-on target.

Countermeasure: Sprint when the feathers are about to reach you.

Ability 6: Dive Bomb

It flies and dive fast towards the character, who will take DMG if within the range. It dives 2-4 times.

Countermeasure: Sprint out of the targeted area.

Ability 7: Slicing Storm

It curls up and rotates its wings, spinning forward and rapidly slicing targets.

Countermeasure: This ability is cast with preparation and it spins fast, so you should brace for it in advance always and dodge.

Recommended Party

As the Boss features many complex abilities, it may be hard to dodge. Therefore, characters providing shield are good choices, such as Zhongli, Diona. Main Carrier should be characters using Arrows, such as Ganyu, Amber, Yoimiya, etc. Beginners with relative low power and insufficient DEF can use items to improve team power.

At current, only the breakthrough material (Sto** *eads) of Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara is from Thunder Manifestation, so the player who has the 2 characters or wants to acquire them can collect these materials in advance.

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