Genshin Impact – Maguu Kenki: Detailed Explanation of Monster Skills & Coping Strategies

Maguu Kenki Boss Guide

Maguu Kenki is a boss with high difficulty in Inazuma City, and its ultra-high attack power can easily kill a challenger who is not familiar with the mechanism during the battle. Today, let us introduce the skill mechanism and coping strategies of the Maguu Kenki in detail.

Basic Introduction of the Maguu Kenki

  1. Location

As shown in the picture, the Maguu Kenki is located in the southeast of the Serpent’s Head in Inazuma, you can fly directly to the boss location from the telepoint of Yashiori Island, and start fighting after approaching. If the Inazuma quest [Orobashi’s Legacy] is not completed, it will keep raining in the area of the Serpent’s Head, greatly increasing the difficulty of the challenge. It is recommended to complete the quest first and stop the heavy rain before playing.

  1. Drops

Detailed Explanation of the Skill Mechanism of the Maguu Kenki

There are two stages of the Maguu Kenki. The first stage is when the HP is above 75%, which is a normal state with fewer moves and is easy to deal with. When the HP is reduced to 75%, the HP will be locked from attack, and a wide-range blast will be cast, entering the second stage. The weapon has the enchantment of the Anemo element, the skills are fully enhanced. It will generate two phantoms, the Anemo [Flowing Water] and the Cryo [Frost Dive], which combine to form a powerful combo.

Stage 1 (HP>75%):

  1. Shadowrush

The Maguu Kenki raises its hand and draws its sword before rushing toward the player at a fast speed, dealing physical DMG. You will take two damage when approaching the end of the sprint.

Coping strategy: Observe the movement of the Maguu Kenki drawing its sword for about 2s, and after the flash, press dodge to avoid the Shadowrush.

  1. 3 Consecutive Slashes

When the player is close, the Maguu Kenki will perform 3 consecutive slashes, dealing physical DMG.

Coping strategy: The hand raising is obvious. Just dodge or pull away in advance to avoid it.

  1. Whirlwind Slash

The Maguu Kenki charges for a while after drawing its sword, creating traction energy around it, followed by a quick slash, dealing physical DMG.

Coping strategy: Just run away in advance.

  1. Pushing Mask (Also appears in Stage 2)

The Maguu Kenki crafts a large mask before pushing it forward, dealing Anemo DMG.

Coping strategy: This skill can only be performed in a straight line, so you can avoid it by running away directly.

  1. Swirling Mask (Also appears in Stage 2)

The Maguu Kenki throws two half masks to follow the player, which explodes after swirling for a while, dealing Cryo DMG.

Coping strategy: The two half masks will stay in place after following for a while, you can directly dodge to avoid them.

Stage 2 (HP<75%):

  1. Blasting Blade

The Maguu Kenki takes out two swords of the Anemo element and the Cryo element respectively, slamming the ground after jumping, generating a wide-range of burst attacks, dealing Cryo DMG and Anemo DMG, and with ice diffusion damage.

Coping strategy: The burst damage is very high. You can pull a long distance in advance, or dodge when the two swords are slammed from the air.

  1. Shadowrush (Enhanced)

This is the enhanced skill of the Shadowrush in Stage Ⅰ, the damage becomes the Anemo element, and it will cast an Anemo sword wave or a Cryo slash at the player after the end of the dash.

Coping strategy: Still observe the movement of drawing its sword, dodge after flashing, and avoid when the Maguu Kenki casts the sword wave or the slash.

  1. Enhanced: 3 Consecutive Slashes

This is the enhanced skill of the 3 Consecutive Slashes in Stage Ⅰ, the Maguu Kenki will attack in coordination with the Phantom [Flowing Water] and Phantom [Frost Dive], performing a total of six slashes, dealing Anemo DMG or Cryo DMG.

Coping strategy: You can pull away to avoid it.

  1. Enhanced: Whirlwind Slash

This is the enhanced skill of the Whirlwind Slash in Stage Ⅰ, which turns into a two-stage slash of the Maguu Kenki and the phantom. The Maguu Kenki deals Anemo DMG, and the phantom deals Cryo DMG, and the traction energy is more powerful.

Coping strategy: You can run away in advance during the charge-up stage, if it is too late to run, you can directly approach the Maguu Kenki and dodge for a while when it slashes. The second slash of the phantom will not deal DMG due to the close distance.

  1. Phantom: Flowing Water

The Maguu Kenki creates a green Phantom [Flowing Water] after blinking. The phantom performs a single Flowing Water slash before the Maguu Kenki performs 3 or 4 Flowing Water slashes in quick succession, dealing high Anemo DMG, and it is difficult to avoid.

Coping strategy: Pull the distance in advance, combine speed running and dodging to avoid the Flowing Water slashes. The farther the distance is, the easier it is to avoid. Adjust the viewing angle at all times to ensure that you can see the original Maguu Kenki and the Phantom [Flowing Water].

  1. Phantom: Slashes

The Maguu Kenki creates a blue Phantom [Frost Dive] after blinking. The phantom and the original Maguu Kenki charge up at the same time, generating a traction energy field, and then slash, dealing Cryo DMG. The phantom slash has a large range but low damage, while the Maguu Kenki slash has a small range but high damage.

Coping strategy: The original Maguu Kenki and the phantom are charged for a long time, so just run away in advance.

Damage-free skills

  1. Taunt

The Maguu Kenki raises its hands in place to taunt. Defeat it at this time to get achievements.

  1. Phantom Steps

When the distance is far away, the Maguu Kenki will use Phantom Steps to approach the player.

  1. Oushi no Omote

The Maguu Kenki will use an oni mask to protect it from ranged attacks.

Partners Recommended

Since the Maguu Kenki has no special elemental resistance and will not attach elements to itself, so it is more flexible in the selection of the lineup, and it can be selected in the direction of maximizing output. It is recommended to use a strong melee character for the main character because the [Oushi no Omote] of the Maguu Kenki will block ranged damage with a certain probability. The skills of the Maguu Kenki are generally high in damage, and there are many points that need to be avoided, so it is very necessary for the team to prepare sufficient shields and recovery characters to improve the overall fault tolerance.

Some partners recommended:


The difficulty of the Maguu Kenki mainly lies in its high skills DMG. It is necessary to observe the movements of its various skills in battle. Do a good dodge in advance to challenge it successfully.

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