Genshin Impact – Sumeru World Quest: Shefket and His Research with Shroomboars

Shefket and His Research with Shroomboars and Other Animals

Location: The quest originally is not marked on the map, you need to trigger it by killing the boars that are around a sweet flower in this spot. There are 3 boars sniffling the sweet flower.

After attacking one shroomboar, the npc appears.

Before going to the location to hunt for dusk birds, make sure you have some ubiquity nets in your inventory since we will need it.

Our quest is not done yet, as Shefket says he needs ( quality feathers ) to check on a different spot for nests.

At the new location, we engage with the Eremites and you get to know what is actually happening.

We head out to the location pointed by Eremites and catch another dusk bird:

After some chit chat we get ambushed by 3 waves of treasure hoarders.

When you are done with the quest, you get 30 primos, 3 heros wit, mora probably is going to be slightly less (due to ar) and obviously some reputation in Sumeru.

As a plus, you get to keep the dusk birds (if you havent caught before).

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