Genshin Impact – Dragonspine Quest: The Great Mountain Survey II

Dragonspine Quest: The Great Mountain Survey II Walkthrough

Upon completing The Great Mountain Survey quest, speak to Esther again to unlock The Great Mountain Survey II. We have detailed the quest walkthrough below and hope this can guide fellow travelers to a speedy completion!

Quest Analysis:

The Great Mountain Survey II is composed of two parts: placing another beacon at the top of the mountain and delivering a letter to Cyrus of Mondstadt. It’s not a difficult quest but there are tricks to climbing atop the mountain.

Quest Trigger:

Speak to Esther after completing The Great Mountain Survey

Start NPC:

Esther (Waypoint to the left side at the mountain feet)

End NPC:

Cyrus (in Mondstadt)

Quest Events:

Accepting the Quest – Speak to Esther

Esther remains unable to measure the true height of the mountain despite all the beacons placed, therefore she asks the traveler to place one more beacon at the summit of the mountain. Simply locate Esther where you found her during The Great Mountain Survey quest.

Placing the Beacon at the Summit of the Mountain

This step is the only difficulty of the entire Great Mountain Survey II questline. The quest asks you to place the beacon at the summit, but since the summit is to the east of the waypoint, the steep slopes will prove challenging and its easy to fail the climb as the Sheer Cold meter fills up. As such, it’s recommended to circumvent the route by heading towards the lower mountains on the northwest side, then gliding to the opposite mountain through activating the Anemo monument with Anemo skills, making your way to the summit after. The advantage of this route is the torches readily available throughout, which provides respite for Sheer Cold meter recovery, speeding up the process.

Climb upwards after teleporting to the mountain’s waypoint. Upon reaching the summit on the northwest side, you’ll find a location with an Anemo monument and torches around, look up to find the destination of the quest. We need to rest here and let the torches clear away some of the Sheer Cold before using Anemo skills to activate the Anemo monument for a glide towards the platform on the opposite side. You’ll find torches for Sheer Cold on this platform as well, so be sure to make use of them. Lastly, follow the pathfinder on the map and place the beacon at the summit.

Report Back to Esther

Report back to Esther after placing the beacon and she’ll hand you a letter, asking us to deliver it to Cyrus.

Deliver the Letter to Cyrus

Journey to Mondstadt and deliver the letter to Cyrus, the Branch Master of the Adventurers’ Guild to obtain the quest rewards and complete The Great Mountain Survey II.


The only difficulty in The Great Mountain Survey II is the summit climb, therefore it’s crucial to find a way to efficiently climb the mountain. Venti and Zhongli are recommended for a speedy climb, as well as some Wind Catcher and any food and potions for stamina recovery. That’s all we have for now! We hope this will help you complete the Great Mountain Survey successfully!

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