Genshin Impact – Dragonspine Quest: The Great Mountain Survey I

Dragonspine Quest: The Great Mountain Survey I Walkthrough

We bring you the walkthrough of the Dragonspine quest The Great Mountain Survey today, The Great Mountain Survey quest is a world quest given by the NPC Esther upon speaking to her. Remember to complete the In the Mountains quest before starting The Great Mountain Survey!

Quest Analysis:

The Great Mountain Survey involves helping Esther retrieve the lost beacons from enemies, and continuing the quest after collection. It’s relatively simple.

Quest Trigger:

Speak to Esther

Start and End NPC:


NPC Location:

Close to the left mountain feet waypoint

Quest Events:

Accepting the Quest – Speak to Esther

Approach the quest location and speak to Esther. From the conversation we learn that beacons were lost during a monster assault on Esther and a team of explorers, and she asks us to retrieve the lost beacons for her.

Retrieve the Survey Beacons

The four beacons are around the waypoint just to the upper left of Starglow Cavern. We can see the guide and search area for the four beacons clearly on the minimap, all we need to do is follow the road.

The first and third beacons are easier to find than the second and fourth. The second beacon is hidden beneath * ***w pile that can be melted with Pyro; the fourth beacon is beneath hard ice that needs to be shattered with the help of the Scarlet Quartz nearby. Report back to Esther after collecting all four beacons.

Speak to Esther

This part mainly involves talking to Esther, who will ask us to place the beacons back on the mountain. Pick whichever dialogue options you like.

Placing the Survey Beacons

There are a total of four beacons to be placed and the locations will be clearly marked on the maps as demonstrated below. We only need to follow them and place down the beacons.

  • Location 1: The first beacon needs to be placed at the blue marker on top of the mountain. Timing of the climb is crucial due to the Sheer Cold debuff, so it’s advised for travelers to bring Wind Catchers and Venti to speed up the process. You can also bring food and potions for stamina recovery for safety. Don’t worry if you have no preparations, simply pick up the Scarlet Quartz by the mountain feet to halt Sheer Cold from accumulating.
  • Location 2: Follow the guide after arriving at the waypoint and glide over the broken bridge to get to the summit. To avoid Sheer Cold from filling up, it’s recommended to light up and rest by the bonfire by the mountain feet to clear the debuff before clilmbing.
  • Location 3: The third beacon location is at the summit as well, simply glide to the half point of the mountain after arriving at the waypoint and climb upwards.
  • Location 4: Is located on top of the pillar with the blue marker. Since the pillar is diamond-shaped, it’s easy to get stuck at the middle part. We recommend bringing Wind Catchers, Venti or Zhongli to create wind currents for a smooth climb.

Report Back to Esther

After placing the four beacons, we can report back to Esther and collect our rewards! This marks the completion of The Great Mountain Survey quest.


The Great Mountain Survey questline is relatively easy as a whole, so long as we maintain good control over our Sheer Cold meter. After completing The Great Mountain Survey, we gain access to The Great Mountain Survey II quest! Keep up the pace, travelers!

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