Fractured Online – How to Claim Land

How to Claim Land

In order to get your own plot of land… You will need the following things.

4,000 Gold… And the ability to maintain the 2,000 gold a week tax.

Some info on the tax, the house itself has a tax storage vault if you will when you put gold in it you cannot take it back out… However you can put up too 8,000 gold inside of it which allows for paying tax’s for 4 weeks out without you having to worry about it.

Okay with the gold topic out of the way.

How to you buy the plot of land. Thats not immediately obvious as its a house icon on the bottom right when you standing in a roped off section of the world that indicates that section of land is for sale.

But I am standing in a roped off section of the world and I Still Can’t buy it?

This is because that provinces town hub has not been settled. In order to buy property the province itself needs to be settled and that takes 10 players plus 100K gold to do. Once 10 players settle a town all the surrounding house plots are free to purchase… No you do not need to be part of the town or a part of the towns guild.

Some further information about your Property plot. Most buy it for crafting purposes.

You do not actually need to build a house on it for this purpose. The pro to no house is you will have more space for crafting items etc. The con is you won’t have the gold storage mechanic and will need to keep up with your tax’s each week.

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