Fallout 76 – Tips to Run a Successful Store

I don’t jack up prices, I don’t discriminate based on build, and I don’t ignore melee players that might like using a diverse weapon selection.

Successful Store Tips

Best Practices

  1. Vary up weapon models – nobody likes staring at an entire store of copy paste items with different modifiers, it hurts the eyes, at least put some fancy mods on them.
  2. Name your weapons – players aren’t dumb enough to think these are unique legendaries, but they are smart enough to realize that the rolls are flavorful enough to be unique to you.
  3. Sell your plans at cost – unless the plans are literally worth atoms sell that stuff at cost, most people have 90% of plans 30 days in so don’t pretend otherwise and your store will be more appealing
  4. Sell your junk cheap – it’s junk people are practically doing you a favor buying it, if a junk item cost 0 then you’re selling for a 1 cap service charge.

That’s pretty much it, if you follow these rules your biggest problem will be alt f4ing fast enough when you hit caps cap and people don’t try to buy out your entire stock to set up their own store.

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