Fallout 76 – Tips for Newcomers

Starting Tips

Something to keep in mind in this game is there are two and a half or so main storylines happening, but not exactly simultaneously.

Following the Overseer

You have the Holotapes being left by the Overseer as she makes her way around Appalachia, as well as her personal diary entries that are an extension of this questline. The big thing to remember with this questline is it existed at the launch of the game when there were no NPCs in the game besides the robots. So, things she mentions in those tapes, like there not being any people, is directly because, back in November 2018 when the game first came out, there weren’t.

This is the story that was present in the game at launch and as such is technically taking place a year ago in the timeline of events, as the Wastelanders expansion that brought all the people here didn’t start happening until a year after Vault 76 opened.


The other main questline is the Wastelanders one. This expansion was released a near year and a half after the game first came out, in April 2020. This added all the sentient people you now see roaming the Wasteland. Little by little it’s been added to with more and more factions coming to the area. This storyline starts with the two ladies outside Vault 76 and has you speaking with Duchess at the Wayward (which also didn’t exist at launch) and doing some tasks for her, and then it goes on from there.

As stated previously, this storyline takes place a year after what happens in the Overseer one. I mention this as it can seem a bit confusing when you start listening to her tapes at the beginning of the game, as if she is way ahead of you and sort of guiding you around, and then you suddenly run into her.

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