Fallout 76 – Storage Management Tips

Tips to Use Storage Efficiently

  • Don’t keep power armor pieces that aren’t on a frame.
  • Don’t hold on to ammo that you aren’t using.
  • Be careful with grenades, missiles, 40mm grenade rounds, mininukes, they weigh a lot. Only keep them if they are being used.
  • Keep track of fusion cores.
  • Don’t hold on to more water, drinks, chems than you are using frequently.
  • Underleveled items that you no longer use, dump.
  • And then junk items, pay attention to what you need, and don’t keep too much of stuff you don’t use frequently.
  • A Fallout 1st subscription would help a lot. You get a scrap box with unlimited scrap storage, and an ammo box with unlimited ammo storage. In my case, those (specifically scrap) seemed to be the majority of what I was keeping.
  • And when it really comes down to it, you don’t actually need a whole lot of scrap. Take the stuff you don’t need (scrap or otherwise) and stick it in a suitcase or other container at a train station. That is what a number of people do with excess things. Let someone else find it and take it if they want.
  • There is also an ammo conversion machine you can get to turn most types of ammo (the ones you aren’t using) into one you are. Its a terrible conversion rate, but your only other options are just dumping it/giving it away, or putting it up for sale in your vendor and hope another player comes along to buy it.
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