Dwarf Fortress – How to Keep Your Dwarves Happy

Just a general list to keep your dwarves happy.

Tips to Keep Your Dwarves Happy

  1. Make Temples with good wealth. Smooth / Detailed walls and maybe a golden altar + statues. Try your best with the major gods and make smaller ones for the non-important ones.
  2. Make sure you have a tavern and its close to your kitchen / mug stockpile.
  3. Having good rooms makes happy dwarves. Cabinet + Chest.
  4. If you are really having a hard time desperate times come for desperate measures. Use the Justice system. punishing guilty dwarves generates happy thoughts for witnesses / family of dwarves. Believe it or not it can help stop a Tamptrum spiral. Just be careful because sometimes your guards will Kill your dwarves in mass if you don’t have a decent justice system set up.
  5. Make good food.
  6. Mist generator “too complicated imo, not needed”.
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