Fortune’s Run – How to Beat Second Boss

Second Boss Tips

  • Okay, so, first, if you don’t know yet, you can call the assistant from different locations and they sometimes have special instructions, a bit like the codec in metal gear. In this case the assistant tells you about the boss’ attacks and how to dodge some of the moves.
  • Turns out the conversation the assistant has with you if you call during the boss isn’t triggering at the moment. It’ll be fixed in next patch!
  • So, you can’t really dodge the laser by running, instead you have to duck under it or jump over it. It’s a bit like a rhythm thing. To me that’s the best time to deal damage, once you get the pattern down it’s relatively safe.
  • During the green blaster move, I usually just run backwards while parrying with the knife. To parry, press the attack button right before a missile hits you. The timing is really forgiving. You can pretty much just spam attack the air. Imagine you’re hitting the bullet in the air. That’s how it’s supposed to feel, haha…
  • But yeah it’s a very hard boss! I personally really like it, but since it’s so hard, we also made it so that if the timer runs out, he will just leave, but you won’t get his special item. So it’s like an optional challenge, you don’t have to actually defeat him.
  • Defeating him will also affect the story later on! It won’t gate any content, but since he’ll be a returning character, he’ll have special dialogue to acknowledge the event.
  • After you view a map from one of the terminals, it is saved in the MAP PDA section to be revisited at your leisure and so you can see where you are!
  • If after viewing a map it wasn’t in your PDA, that was a bug!
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