Fallout 76 – Base Defense Tips

Tips for Base Defense

Area-leveled mobs will spawn to your CAMP object itself; I don’t recall exactly the placement distance/direction from it, but you’ll notice it’s usually if not always the same spot if you keep the same camp a while. Usually you can find areas that will only spawn a few low-powered mobs like rats and wolves, and counter this by covering the spawn spot with 1 explosive and 1 second tier machine gun turret.

Beyond that Hordes, Code Carriers and small groups of mobs have a varied chance of wandering into your camp, more or less so depending on location. A couple explosive turrets and another machine gun turret pointed in the right directions should be all you need so far turret defenses for a good spot. If you’re finding you need more you should probably pick another location; turrets are some of the most expensive CAMP objects in terms of CAMP budget building limit. Fences, walls and gates do help keep the mobs out long enough for your turrets to work, but mainly it’s aesthetic.

Turrets are notoriously buggy (as bad as disappearing entirely) so my best advice is to find a spot that requires as few actual defenses as possible. Check one of the guides in the guide section for an EXTENSIVE look at how to arrange things to your liking better.

Tip: Put turrets on foundations or camp objects, NOT on environmental objects or the ground. Also make sure they don’t hit any other objects while they rotate (intersecting with camp or environment objects can cause them to bug out and vanish, requiring you to move your camp entirely to retrieve them; same bug for building them on environmental objects/dirt).

It’s similar to Fallout 4 in that you need to be aware of the enemy spawn points and place your turrets accordingly. Make sure there is no spawn point in the middle of your camp. The Enclave heavy turret (atom shop only), for some reason, deals twice the damage as the regular heavy turret. With Demolition Expert rank 5 perk equipped while you are at the camp, all your turrets also deals twice the damage. With those buffs in place, your turrets will be almost as good as the ones in Fallout 4 and cut down enemies in seconds.

One Caveat: When other players visit your camp, they may trigger the spawn points near your camp. That’s just the way the multiplayer mechanics work. No player = no spawn = no resource used by the server. Once you or another player visits your camp (or anywhere else), the server spawns things in that area. You hope the visiting player is a good samaritan and help out in killing the enemy mob at your camp. If he is a lousy shot, he may shoot at your camp items accidentally and become wanted.

All your camp items can be destroyed (except the CAMP Object itself). However the way ReadyToPlay phrased it is not entirely accurate; so long as a player has Pacifist on they won’t damage your camp or become wanted. So long as you have pacifist on (and are not wanted) players won’t damage your camp.

Hordes can also wander into your camp regardless of players, though this is unlikely unless deliberately lead there by a player with the intent of destroying your camp – because doing so is not so easy for a player, they have to nuke it and you get a long period of warning with plenty of time to move your camp before the nuke detonates.

Additionally a player does not have to visit your camp to spawn mobs that will attack it – they just have to trigger the spawn at the correct point in the cell or more typically just by entering the same cell that your camp is in.

Tip: To repair your broken camp items just enter build mode and you’ll see shadowed images of the broken items you can walk up to and repair for junk scraps. You can also go to the CAMP Object itself and if you have ALL the required junk scraps to repair ALL the broken camp items you can hit Repair All from the CAMP Object.

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  1. When it comes to defense, most people either just put up walls or ignore defenses completely. Turrets take up space and was only there for PvP reasons when the game launched. Now with the game having very little PvP, if at all, and with Pacifist Mode, turrets are just there to take up space most of the time. Especially since they don’t even target actual enemies that spawn at your base for some reason…

    Only reason why I use them is because some enemies do patrol nearby and the turrets actually do a good job of shooting them down, even if the damage output for them is low.

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