Dwarf Fortress – Essential Beginner Tips

Newcomers Tips in General

Immediately after embarking, go to the “Labor” menu and open the “Kitchen” sub-menu. Here you can forbid the cooking of Plump Helmets, which – unlike brewing – does not return seeds. If you don’t do this, you will eventually run out of Plump Helmet Seeds.

Turkeys are not only very sustainable, but also very efficient AND lucrative (due to large stack sizes of turkey hen eggs and meals prepared from said eggs). I recommend bringing a nest box for every turkey hen on your embark, just so you can start your egg production immediately. Otherwise you would have to manufacture them at a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop first, which – depending on your starting dwarves’ skills – may take some time.

As a complete beginner I’d recommend to stay clear of aquifers, even the light ones. While dealing with light aquifers is not terribly difficult, it is tedious and your attention will be needed elsewhere.

Assign a manager, broker and bookkeeper right away (usually one dwarf for all three assignments). With a manager you can automate recurring tasks via the Work Order system, e. g. producing new barrels once you run out of empty barrels, which is critical to keep your alcohol production running.

A bookkeeper requires an office zone with a chair and once your fort reaches 20 population, the manager will need an office as well.

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