Dwarf Fortress – Some Tips for Noobs

Gameplay Tips for Noobs

Don’t stress it, you don’t need to keep track on everything that is happening, just sit back relax and watch the chaos unfold, pause as much as you like, and Don’t worry about efficiency.

The walls are not square even though they look like it, they are hexagons, and dwarfs and other creatures can and will go sideways through them.

Survival comes third on the list, not first.

Don’t make a tiny fortress, be ambitious, go big! and make something Grand and magnificent.

Focus on fulfilling your wacky dreams, experiment, capture monsters, play with the physics, and remember the wise words of lord farquaad from shrek “Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice i am willing to make”

Remember your fortress IS your tomb, the goal is to have the best tomb of them all,

Google the diffrent stone types you find on the dwarf fortress wiki, it’s both practical and fun.

Don’t focus on too many dwarfs, find a single one you like and follow him around from time to time.

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