Titanfall 2 – Ion Titan Class Explained

How to Play Ion Titan Class

Strategy Tips

Ion is a really good starter Titan. I generally try to use the laser shot against enemy pilots (it is very good at goosing pilots who have ejected). Ion can win against basically every titan except a levelled up Monarch or Ronin, so don’t be afraid. A good strategy is to use the vortex shield to block any big hits, like a northstar clusterbomb or a tone salvo, and then use the regular shot to keep chipping damage.

With resource management being a priority, short but intense engagements will serve you well. Hitting enemy Titans in a choke-hold then disengaging behind cover to reload/recharge is always a great strat. by the time they regain line of sight you will be ready to burst down whats left of them.

Bugs and More Info

If you use the lasers shot+ trip wire at 80% energy or when you are below ~50% you can get the trip wire out for free. You can also cancel the laser shot with melee. Theres actually a whole bunch of bugs related to this or rather trigger this.

If you exit and renter Ion you complete refill the en gauge (really only relevant for phase embark so its mostly an lts thing).

The game treats most hitscan bullets the same so you can have a friendly load up your sheild particularly with the r97.By the same token you can accidental bogard your teamates from firing at the enemy.

On that note also dont be the guy to m1+w into a legion/monarch solo with the shield expecting them to fill it up and die as more experienced players will burst in between its cooldown and alot of new Ion players do this and then get the impression the Ion is alot weaker then it actually is.

Alot of newer players want to try the split shot kit but keep in mind the split shot the split shot kit is actually pretty lame because while it increases the number of shots it decreases the dmg per shot (and has a wider spread). Its actually one of the worse kits.

Also on that note keep in mind that while Ion is one of the better titans in the game they have both a range limitation (relevant on some maps) and some dps/uptime limitations compared to other titans.

Theres also a really nasty bug where you can pretty much double the dmg of split shot, its not very nice thought.

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