Deep Rock Galactic – Advice for Hazard 4 Missions

Hazard 4 Missions Tips

Hazard 4 (and eventually 5) are perfectly doable as solo or two players, but completing it will be harder than doing it as a full group. Probably one of the biggest causes for wipes is when waves of bugs spawn without warning, or if you take the fight in a spot with no easily accesible escape paths or clear line of fire.

For Driller and Engineer, you should avoid splitting up during fights – Engineer is at their best when they can build sentries and shoot enemies without being threatened from up close, and Driller is very good at clearing enemies up close with either of their primaries, so have the Driller keep the Engineer protected from trash mobs, while the Engineer can focus on shooting HVTs like Praetorians and Spitters.

If you’re playing a defence mission like Salvage, make sure to terraform your position so that as few things get in the way of your sightlines as possible, and have sentries cover your immediate area so they don’t waste bullets on enemies that would die to your guns anyway.

When fighting a swarm of bugs, ideally, you should fight where you have a clear line of sight to shoot them and open space so you can move around more freely, or you’ll get cornered.

Tunnel is also a good place to fight swarms because it forces the bugs to move in single direction and you will have a clear line of sight to mow them down. However, this tactic can be ineffective when there is an Oppressor so you might want to deal with that.

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