Torchlight – Tips for Grindy Achievements

Grindy Achievements Tips

Drink 5000 potions

If you have the merchant pack mod, buy 2500 stat decrease potions from the potion seller, they count, take no time to drink, and for some reason 1 potion counted as 2 in my counter

Master Smasher / Smash 1500 breakables

If you are using wizard, unequip your staff and briefly swap to sword, the counter can break if you arent using a basic weapon and no skills, and the wizard staff counted as magic so the counter wasn’t increasing, you can test this by pressing j and checking your “barrels broken” stat while adventuring

Supreme Slayer

The “The Horde” mod will make all default maps spawn x10 monsters and x5 champion monsters, this can also help with “Trolling For Punishment” if you go to the lava prisons maps to find all the trolls.

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