Deep Rock Galactic – Lesser Known Little Tips

Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips

  • Scout has a flaregun.
  • You can use C4 on Scouts it’s a very important thing to know.
  • Bosco can carry gems and Doretta’s head.
  • Don’t try to melee a bulk detonator they don’t like that very much.
  • You can burn swarmers with the flame of your jet boots just like hover boots. A good way to deal with a lot of them if you happen to find the boots.
  • If you throw a satchel, throw a axe right after it. That way the satchel will float in the air and cover more area above (can be useful in tunnels).
  • If you stand on a big exploding plant (the glowing red one) melee bugs cannot reach you.
  • Ping every mushroom you see.
  • You can pet ceiling tentacles.
  • Drills count as a melee on ebonuts.
  • Rain in the cave negates the hot floor hazard.
  • Performing a ledge grab negates all fall damage. Can be used to save yourself from a lethal fall if terrain allows for it.
  • You can use supply pods to dig out aquarqs, eggs and other things in the ceiling, or help a fallen teammate at a platform high above get down.

Hotkeys Tips

  • Pressing Space while using the map will point your dwarf to the direction you’re facing on the map.
  • Holding E while on a pipe will stop you at the next section that needs to be built.
  • Holding E will let you grab zip lines when falling (no need to time it).
  • Holding E and landing on a pipe line will negate all fall damage.
  • Hit CTRL-E to set an individual waypoint. This is displayed as a blue dot on the map, and only visible to your dwarf.

Bonus tip

As an engineer, at the end of a mission, dig a hole into the ground , make a little cubby house, call Molly down then plug the hole, then call for extraction. In about 30 seconds it’s gonna get “cozy”. It’s quicker if you have a driller with you.

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