Deep Rock Galactic – How to Find the Last Resources to Complete the Mission (Eggs, Morkites etc.)

Tips to Find Resources

In Short

Eggs are kind of easy they show up on the scanner. Sometimes they get obscured so you can jiggle the rotation or spam open the scanner to make their orange outline more visible.

50% of the Morkite you need will be at the end of the cave, but it sparkles in the dark also. So if you have a Scout and the caved is always bright you may want to look again once the flares go out.

Same goes for allot of secondary items, they glow. Making them easier to spot in the dark.

In Details

Some times, secondary objectives such as Boloo caps and Fossils may be partially obscured by map elements (like rocks, or biome-specific flora), so I’d recommend to check around the rooms without rushing, until you get comfortable with this process.

Eggs show up on the Terrain Scanner, your map (think the default key for it is ‘ Tab ‘), which you can zoom in/out of and also rotate around.

On the scanner, eggs will appear as small, orange ovals, and will be always visible that way (before and after you pull one out of their original spot).

Even without the scanner, eggs do emit a faint, purplish glow, so that might also be something worth looking for, especially if there’s a lack of lights in the cave.

If you have trouble finding an egg, make sure to rotate your scanner around and zoom in or out, since that way you might notice a secluded tunnel leading to the needed resource that was harder to spot than the rest.

The scanner can come in handy in multiple scenarios, such as in complex caves with many obstructive elements and paths, or in Point Extraction, when looking for a side room containing the remaining aquarqs.

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