Deep Rock Galactic – Beginners Tips

Some tips for a new player.

Tips for New Players

Join public missions with whatever classes aren’t already there and get some experience playing with each class and watch how others play the other classes and see what you enjoy. Stick to Hazard 2 & 3 at the start, moving up as you feel comfortable with the game mechanics. Only the truly lame wankers will gripe at/kick a new player at Hazard 3. You might come across a few more “special” individuals in Hazard 4. By all means host public games if your pooter can handle it. People joining will see your level and know what they are getting into. This game is built around coop, and drop-in coop at that. Embrace it, virtually no other game comes close to the overall positive coop experience as DRG.

Learn when and where you can make the most use of your support tools like flares, shields, ziplines, platforms, turrets and tunnels. Watch how other players use them that seem helpful. For instance lighting up caves, placing platforms under resources for the scout to reach, shielding during swarms, etc.

Be considerate to other players and if in doubt, ask before doing, such as pushing buttons. typing “R” is a Ready Check which you will see before something gets kicked off (Typically something that has been pinged with the laser pointer). Ping things with the laser pointer, and watch for what others ping based on your role. For instance if playing scout or engineer, pinging a mineral vein up high means Engie, put a platform under it, and Scout, “Fetch!” If someone pings something like a Tyrant weed, BET-C, or Dreadnaught Cocoon, that doesn’t mean shoot it, just be aware of it and wait for the “R”eady check so everyone is in position and ready for the fight.

Whether in a MP game or solo, don’t follow Molly. Molly can path find places you cannot reach which can be a rite of panicked passage for every Greenbeard. As you move down the caves, consider how you might get back up. Use your pickaxe and mobility tools to ensure you can get back if you need to. When you call for extraction you will have a bit of a run ahead of you so check the map and head off before Molly. This gives you a 30 second head-start before bugs start spawning in. Use it. Check the map for where you need to go. If you are in a multiplayer game and there is a Silver or higher Driller on the team, follow the Driller. Greener drillers can be a coin flip. They might get you back quicker, or run out of fuel before they get there, or clip through the roof of a cavern.

If in doubt, press “V”, repeatedly. When you drop into a game, press V, when someone joins your game, press V, When someone picks you up, press V. When someone else presses V, press V. When someone puts a platform up for you, press V. When someone pings a mushroom or gold nugget, press V, then ping it repeatedly until Mission Control tells you to shut up and get back to work. Then ping it again.

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