Death Must Die – How to Fight with Necromancer

Necromancer Tips

Dodge fireballs then you have time to attack him, repeat.

If he is hard for you then I assume you are new and your gear isn’t great. Buy something from shopkeeper if you have money. This game is hardly depended on your gear. Once you get a proper gear you will see that non of the bosses is hard on low difficulties (you are able to increase difficulty after beating the final boss).

  • Notice the timer when he spawns. Find an area with 2-3+ Physical shrines locations. Stand behind said pillar and wail on him. His fireballs will be blocked by them.
  • Practice dodging. You can dodge through the fireballs. If you are at point blank dodging is harder and you can get hit with like all 8 fireballs at once. You need to back off before he fires. He will autorotate to your direction.. dodging through him or perpendicular to him will result in you getting hit more.
  • Some normal attacks can delete the fireballs. So backup and swing instead of dodging. This requires you to turn AUTO attack off, and manually time the swings.
  • Freeze/Slow/CC can help you get more attacks in
  • Summoning is pretty good also works well with first tip listed.
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