Death Must Die – How to Survive the Slimes

Surviving the Slimes

You just kite in a big circle around em, using your dash every couple seconds. Dash gives i-frames, so if you just space them out correctly, you’ll only take a hit every once and a while cuz you dash through, get hit, but now are in an open spot, they close in, dash through again, they close in, dash through and take a hit again but now you’re in an open spot, dash through another, dash through take a hit, dash, open spot, dash…. it’s like, you’ll still take hits, but it will significantly reduce the amount of hits you take if you dash everytime you get closed in on.

Sometimes you can double dash right through the middle of the giant pack and you’ll only get hit once during that, but you’ll end up in an open spot until they close in on you again, but then you can dash again cuz the dash CD is so low.

Just make sure you kinda stay circling around the outer edge of the box and keep your cursor towards the center of the pack. Turn off auto attack if you’re using that. The speed penalty on it is rough.

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