Death Must Die – Gods and Characters Tips

Useful Tips for Gods and Characters

So many things depend so heavily that it’s hard to say, but here are some thoughts. Most of these thoughts are ignoring completely how the fireball spell changes on taking that gods attack, since this is a very warping choice and only relevant on one character. Thus if you only play the sorc I’d imagine that would change greatly how you feel about the gods, especially because she does such good AoE clear already herself.

The most generically useful to me so far seem to be Justice and Time (chrono is obviously great defensively but his shard xp/pull + AS/MS combo is very strong).

Fire is great as his attack + dead enemies make fire ground by itself solves all spam waves and does decent elite/boss damage with just two points, while still having some very good points outside of that.

Death is kinda terrible at low investment (other than dash) but insane at high investment.

Conquest I’d put a tier lower than these though its not bad, kinda serves a lot of the same purposes as fire but takes more points and seems to have worse boss damage.

Ice feels not quite strong enough at anything (leaving blight aside as random autocast damage is not to be underestimated), but she’s generically strong at all facets (single target, spam clear, defense), so is a totally reasonable 3rd god.

Lightning is the god I’ve had the hardest time with getting good value.

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