Death Must Die – Llama Warriors Tips

Tips to Beat Llama Warriors

When I started beating them… well, not consistently but more than once was when I had 3 dashes (due to items) and then lowered the cooldown a bit with an upgrade nabbed when I didn’t have anything more useful (like damage/multishot) options – or as an option from a god I wasn’t interested in employing the stats of.

Sometimes you can cheese it, though – like if you have a spread of fireballs it will destroy their arrows before they can hit you, meaning you can angle yourself so that your fireball waves intercept 1-2 arrows while hitting the target. Doing this made it a lot easier as I only ever really had to dodge one arrow which I could often do just by walking.

Similarly with swordboy his sword destroys them as well. Hypothetically if you got enough Area and a fast enough attack speed you could (maybe?) render yourself largely immune to anything but hits from behind.

They’re tricky – really tricky – but another thing to remember is that sometimes it’s worth not constantly attacking just so you can use the extra movement speed to dodge. They’re always trying to find a good angle on you so trying to manipulate where they’re shooting from (they respawn as you get away from them) is something you can do to make it easier.

Otherwise? Just persistence and patience. They’re simple, but because they’re all around you you have to figure out a way to manage them that works for you.

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