ZERO Sievert – Ammo Types Differences Explained

What Is the Difference Between Types of Ammo

There’s normal ammo, ammo that increases damage (so good against flesh/mutant) then there’s ammo with armour piercing – good for higher tier enemies with higher tier armour.

For shotgun there’s close range ammo and 2 blue medium-range decent armour pen ammo (so the gun fulfills 2 roles and is great early).

That’s mostly it.

Some other that helps with recoil instead, but still.

Ammo with black tips are the best – those are armour pen ammo, is mostly what you wanna use. takes longer to unlock those and factions have access to different black tip ammo (as well as weapons and other gear in general) so choose who you wanna end up joining wisely.

I mostly use normal ammo then black tip/armour pierce, mutants are easily handled enough once you get a general handle on the game (your experience may vary), just infestations you need be a little more prepared for.

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