Death Must Die – Pro Tips

Useful Tips

You want a couple pro tips?

Time warped strike + gem high is for fast clearing those slimes i call them horde mobs, there are 3 waves or horde mobs in every run. Its also great for reaching lvs 40 to 50 in a run if you fight well enough.

Max your hp and get morts lifelink, if you have +2 spell projectiles, a master lifelink and 300 max hp, you basically never go under 100hp, even better if you get the spring of life shrine and get the -1hp per dash but gain 60% dash speed and cooldown. Just zoom-drain everything.

Nix is the best character for luck builds, chain lightning, souls and mayhem = infinite damage.

Merris is best early for spell and summon builds, i first beat the game with merris, using kroms blades, spell projectile count, spell area, and brevity (cdr).

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