Dead by Daylight – How to Deal with Legion

Tips to Deal with Legion

Split up – legion can’t chain hits if you are far away. Once you notice deep wounds popping up it’s time to start making distance.

Counter the power but carefully – once you’re hit you can tank another hit to end their power. Make sure you consider your position after this as you will likely have their full attention.

Pallet stuns are great for ending frenzy but you may be playing into their hand in doing so. It may not be worth stopping frenzy when it could be used later to stop a down.

Healing – this one is a bit contentious. Some think it’s best not to heal that much against legion because you are spending a lot of time that they can quickly remove. You will probably want to keep one or two healed for saves at least and especially if they run thana. Otherwise it depends on the legion. Are they good at chaining hits? Healing is probably not the answer then.

Don’t be too cautious with healing yourself, just don’t do it while they’re still sprinting around from stabbing you. Be aware that they can cancel their rush early, but it slows them down for a bit; so while you aren’t SAFE if they’re sprinting near you and you’re injured, they scream and stare at their hands for a bit while they’re slowing down (a good visual and audio signal to know they’ve turned into a normal M1 killer).

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