Dead by Daylight – Tips and Tricks for New Players

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Got just the base game? Survivor mode’s your jam! Dive into the wild world of killers and their deadly powers. Play both sides a few times to get a feel for what clicks for you, and master the basics of each role.

Survivors, your top priority is fixing generators!

Don’t sweat it if you’re banged up—keep those generators humming! Even if you’re nursing wounds, get to work, especially if the killer’s off chasing someone else. Check for claw marks near other survivor icons and focus on completing gens before patching yourself up.

Maps got 7 generators, but you only need to juice up 5. Watch out for the dreaded 3-gen trap—those last ones close together? Killer magnet. Spread ’em out to keep the heat off. Choose your gens wisely, especially if you’re on your last legs. Let teammates handle the risky spots.

Now, let’s talk evasion tactics!

Got full health and the killer’s closing in? Time to ninja up! Find cover and stick to the shadows. Lockers? Risky move—killers love checking those. Stay quiet and hidden, or risk getting an instant ticket to Knockout Town.

Injured? No sneaky moves for you. When you hear the killer’s terror radius, it’s time to boogie. Noisy hobblers ain’t the stealthiest, so either brace for a chase or bolt early. Just watch those scratch marks—they’re like neon signs for killers.

Chase time! Use windows and pallets to keep the killer on their toes. Need practice? Hit up custom matches for a perk boost. And remember, pallets are for looping, not camping—drop ’em when the killer’s hot on your heels.

Keep ’em guessing! Mix it up with loops, fakes, and sudden direction changes. Peek back at the killer now and then, especially when you’re rounding corners or dodging projectiles.

Tunneling trouble ahead!

Hooks got you nervous? Assume the killer’s circling back for a snack. Bolt elsewhere before you even think about a rescue.

Timing is everything! Don’t rush in or dawdle too long. If the coast is clear, go for the save. Otherwise, stick to fixing gens until the heat dies down.

Perks to power you up!

Here’s the scoop on must-have perks and items:

  • Bond or Kindred or Medkit: Team vision or self-heal.
  • Prove Thyself or Deja Vu or Toolbox: Speedy repairs.
  • Windows of Opportunity and/or Sprint Burst or Balanced Landing or Lithe or Dead Hard: Chase boosters.
  • Quick & Quiet or Iron Will: Stealth aids.
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