Dead by Daylight – Tips to Find Pinhead’s Box

How to Find Pinhead’s Box

If you bring Lethal Pursuer, it rules out a location where the box could spawn at the start.

But without it, it’s still quite easy to judge where the box will be.

Survivors tend to spawn the furthest possible distance from you, if you can reasonably guess where they’ve spawned, then you should be able to guess whether the is box to the left or right of where the survivors are.

Say if the survivors spawned on the left side of the map, and you spawned directly across from them, on the other side.

It’s safe to say the box will have spawned on the right side of the survivors, on your left at the other side of the map.

Idk, it sounds confusing at first. But once you get used to it, you can find the box pretty quick at the start… at least I do.

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