Hi-Fi RUSH – Strategy Tips to Obtain All Achievements / Trophies

100% Achievement / Trophy Strategy Tips

Save scamming is pretty much the main way to work through the achievements/trophies/in-game checkpoints. The easy way to explain it is that it works just like Bayonetta.

If that doesn’t mean anything to you, it works like this: The game has generous auto-saves, and will ALWAYS auto-save before any Scored Engagement. It will also save when the boss transitions into a new phase.

So the process of save scamming is simple: if your combat encounter isn’t panning out the way that you want:

  • Pause
  • Select Back to Hideout
  • Back at the hideout, hit the couch
  • Hit Continue Stage

And you will respawn a few steps away from the encounter that was giving you issues. Things that will also be saved through this method is:

  • Your Health prior to encounter
  • Your Reverb bar status prior to encounter
  • Any batteries you collected

While it’s not quite as convenient as MGR’s handy “Retry” option, it accomplishes the same thing and gives you a lot of flexibility when going for no-hit runs, S Ranks, and the like. You do have to be mindful when save scamming bosses, because it does save multiple times during those. So if you’re about to transition to a new phase of a boss fight, it may be worth asking yourself if you’re comfortable with your current life gauge, and whether you think it’s enough to carry you through the rest of the boss fight.

The only time it gets tricky is when it comes to quick time events, as the game can be REAL FAST to save after you botch those. Same goes for deaths. If you’re currently watching Chai crumble to his knees, the game is probably already saving, and you may have to live with it or restart the mission.

Oh, and the one crappy thing about Hi Fi Rush is that S ranks don’t backfill. It’s probably a good reason to NOT start at Hard difficulty, as you’ll need to go back and S rank them all on Normal and Easy for both achievements and in-game rewards.

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